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Online BillPay is one of the many features included in the online banking system; It’s me 24/7.

BillPay is the simple, stress-free way to pay your monthly bills.  Just log into your “It’s Me 24/7” account from our website, and click on Pay My Bills.  This will lead you to a screen to sign up for BillPay, click on the agreement button and then there will be a 48 hour period before you can start using the BillPay option while processing takes place.  Once the waiting period is over you can sign into the BillPay and start setting up any monthly bills as well as any deposits to other financial institutions as long as you have all the correct information.

Online BillPay is the easiest way to pay your bills online and there are many features available to assist in inquiries, questions or finding bill information.  At any time after the processing period you can Add a Bill, view your Bill History, Manage Bills, look up Your Accounts or Profile.

The main page shows any pending and/or recent payments, where your bills are getting paid from and where they are being paid to.  There are additional options once a specific tab is chosen, for example, in the Bill History tab, all the information for the amount, pay date, status and action are available for viewing.  Once the bill is paid you have the option of viewing the detail which explains how the withdrawal and/or deposit are made and gives you a confirmation number to keep on file.

If you have any further questions we can assist you in, please call the credit union at (509) 327-3244.