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Share secured loans can be provided without loan process for a low rate of 2.50% APR* + the Dividend Rate (savings and/or CD rate)

By borrowing against your own savings you can build up your credit score and history while borrowing up to 100% of your savings or certificate balances.

Note on rates: All rates shown are APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Your loan rate will be customized by taking into consideration your credit rating (FICO score) and can be further discounted based on your activity level with the credit union and other things. Your RESCU Loan Officer will do everything necessary to ensure you receive the very best RESCU rate available based on your personal situation. You will find that RESCU’s rates are very competitive; in addition, RESCU will usually match, and often beat, rates offered by other financial institutions. We will always do the very best we can for you. Talk to your RESCU Loan Officer for more details on loans and your personalized rate(s).