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RESCU Additional Loans

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit (ODP):

This loan product provides peace of mind should the timing of your paychecks and personal payments conflict. This allows for easier short-term cash management, and will help to avoid overdraft/NSF fees:

  • If your checking account is short on funds to cover a payment (made with your debit card, check, ach, etc.), funds will be automatically transferred to your checking account from your ODP.
  • Applying is easy. Just talk to your RESCU Loan Officer for more details.

Short Term Promotional Loans:

RESCU will periodically offer short term loan promotions. These are typically based on member requests, or are seasonal, such as the start of a school year, tax time, summer vacations, etc. These are usually for $2,500.00, with a term of 18 months, at highly attractive rates. Talk to your RESCU Loan Officer to learn more.

Quick Fix Loan:

Instead of getting stuck dealing with institutionalized loan sharks (Payday Lenders), consider avoiding or escaping from this by taking advantage of RESCU’s Quick Fix Loan. This loan is designed specifically for those with less than preferable qualifications, to help begin the process of improving their financial status. This loan is NOT considered a payday loan, but rather, a superior alternative. If you are stuck with, or are considering dealing with those institutionalized loan sharks, PLEASE contact your RESCU Loan Officer today!

Personalized Loan Solutions:

Please speak with an RESCU Volunteer or Manager if you have suggestions, or requests for new loan offerings. We will take your suggestions and requests seriously to see if they can be offered by your RESCU.

Also, a number of our members have unique needs, circumstances, or troubles that may require personalized loan solutions. Please talk to your RESCU Loan Officer if you find yourself in need of personalized loan considerations. The Credit Committee and RESCU Management Team can often find a way to meet your needs.

For all things associated with loans: for more information, please contact your RESCU Loan Officer to learn more.

Note on rates: All rates shown are APR* = Annual Percentage Rate. Your loan rate will be customized by taking into consideration your credit rating (FICO score) and can be further discounted based on your activity level with the credit union and other things. Your RESCU Loan Officer will do everything necessary to ensure you receive the very best RESCU rate available based on your personal situation. You will find that RESCU’s rates are very competitive; in addition, RESCU will usually match, and often beat, rates offered by other financial institutions. We will always do the very best we can for you. Talk to your RESCU Loan Officer for more details on loans and your personalized rate(s).